The Net by Aerial

How it works

netAerial makes use of the standard ‘WiFi’ wireless networking equipment which is now very widely available. It is tried and tested technology and quite widespread.

We deliver the broadband to you by fitting a small netAerial which picks up a signal from a netAerial Access Point.

The installation is staightforward with a small aerial being mounted onto your existing television aerial pole and a cable routed to a socket near your computer. It’s no more complicated than fitting a FreeView box.

Numerous netAerials Access Points across the area provide links links back to our Internet connections. The multiple high speed Internet connections for each netAerial Access Point, and the interconnections between each of them means that we have plenty of bandwidth to speed you up on the Internet.

We install a standard network socket near to your computer, and all you need to do is plug a network lead from your computer into it. This will give you access to the internet, and also to the Community Local Area Network.