The Net by Aerial


What is Broadband ADSL?
Broadband is the term used for high speed internet access. In Europe broadband is considereed as speeds higher than 500 kbps. As a comparison, a standard modem has an absolute maximum speed of 56 kbps, but is typically more like 46 kbps. Broadband internet, then is internet access at speeds in excess of ten times that of a dial-up modem.

How do I know if I can get a netAerial Signal?

When you first apply, we will check to see if you are in a netAerial area. Once we have worked out if you are in the general coverage area, we will then come round and carry out a free survey. The survey looks at the general geography of the area, and looks out for any obstacles that may be in the way of the signal. The survey will determine if you will be able to get a signal, and what kind of netAerial is needed to provide a reliable service.

What equipment do I need?

To connect to netAerial, you need a computer that runs Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows XP. Your computer should be fitted with a Network card and have 100Mb of free disk space and preferably the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape browser.

You will also need to allow for a mains adapter to be plugged in for the netAerial box. You may also connect up with a computer installed with Linux and MAC OS configured for PPoE.

What does the installation consist of?
Depending on our survey, we will recommend a particular type of aerial to ensure you get the best reception to the internet. If your home or business is close to a netAerial Point, you may not need an aerial at all, just placing the small netAerial box on a window sill.

On some industrial estates and streets we also simply route a cable from a central netAerial to your premises without the need of any aerial installation on your premises or home at all.

For the majority of installations we will fit a small netAerial (which is shorter than a TV aerail) on your existing TV aerial pole and a cable from this then fed through to a flush mounted socket near to your computer.

Our free survey will determine the best netAerial installation for you.

How do I connect to the Internet?
Our installers will route the network cable from your netAerial to a convenient spot in your house to a network socket. You then plug in a network cable (which we will supply) to connect to your PC’s network socket. We will set up Internet Explorer and test your link all as part of our installation service.

How do I connect my other computers together?
One great thing about broadband internet is that it is always on, and it’s ideal for networking. If you would like to connect another computer to your internet connection, this can either be done as a wired network or a wireless network.

With a wired network, you lay cables very similar to telephone cable, to sockets in whichever rooms you want your connection, then each of these connections are brought together to a broadband router. For a permanant network, a wired network is almost always the best choice for reliability.

For a wireless network, you install a ‘wireless access point’, and install a wireless cars in each computer. The advantage of the wireless unit is that you don’t need to wire up network cables, and you can move the computer without worrying about a cable. Sometimes however, you might have problems picking up the signal depending on where in the house you are.

What about my email address?
We provide you with a number of email addresses of your choice, like ‘’ Generally to keep an old email address, you need to keep paying your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Freeserve or BTInternet. Generally though, it might still be possible for you to receive emails from an old email address, but perhaps be unable to send back from the same address – in which case you can reply with your new netAerial address. This might be a good opportunity for you to break free from the junk mail that you receive.

You can also register your own domain name such as We can then setup your email program to use these new addresses as part of our installation.

Businesses get an included domain name with their netAerial package.

What about Firewalls?
Your netAerial connection will be “always on”, which means the need for a firewall on your computer is greater. We make use of firewalls for our main connections to the internet to stop unwanted visitors accessing PCs within the netAerial network. However, we still recommend that you use a firewall, just in case, and to protect your self from other users. We recommend Norton Internet Security from which includes not only a firewall a virus checker. There are also number free downloadable firewalls available also. If you have Windows XP on your PC, we can help you enable its in-built firewall, again, as part of our installation. Business customers are provided with a hardware firewall router as part of the standard installation.

How about Viruses?
We screen emails for viruses and spam emails before they get to you as a precaution. It is well worth purchasing a virus checker from Norton or McAfee however which are kept updated automatically, and will scan your outgoing emails too.