The Net by Aerial


netAerial can offer custom solutions to a number of your networking, communication and internet related problems.

Security Audits

We offer wireless security audits for your company. Do you know how secure your wireless network is? Contact us and we can help you keep prying eyes off your data simply and quickly.

Point to Point Links

Do you have an offsite building that needs to be connected to your network, or a home worker that requires access? If so, contct us and we can look at the options of point-to-point links. Distances of twenty miles or more can be achieved in some situations.

No cost telephone calls

The technology of Voice over IP can allow you to join two offices over a network, or over the internet to give you no-cost telephone calls. Your calls are digitally scrambled and then seamlessly routed to ordinary telephones at your remote office. So, for example a sales office staff in Preston can contact the distribution centre in Bristol all day long without incurring any call charges.

Wireless Networks

If you would like to set up a reliable wireless network within your company then please do contact us. Using discreet ceiling mounted aerials we can install a network which is equivalent to a hard wired network.

Broadband Internet

We not only install wireless broadband internet, but also telephone-based broadband internet. We are cheaper than most other providers, and can offer value added services that are useful to you. We can install a broadband connection, fit network sockets and get your computers all sharing the connection through a hardware firewall. Give us a call, and leave the rest to us.

Linux Computers

At netAerial our technology uses the Linux operating system for stability and security. Linux is used by over 70% of webservers in the world by companies including large companies like Amazon. Linux is also used by a great number of companies for their own internal networks, with companies as diverse as KFC and West Yorkshire Police. We can set up your computers on Linux, which will result in increased security, reliability and a reduction in software license costs. Linux is a free operating system, and in most cases there are Microsoft equivalent applications available, again at no cost. So, if you wish to migrate to Linux, give us a call.


We can offer training for your staff on the use of the Internet, whether it be for using a new netAerial Wireless Hotspot, or on security of emails, right to how to starting off using your netAerial webspace. Training is available at our offices at Europa house, or your own premises subject to your requirements.

Other Services

If there is any way in which you think that netAerial may be able to help, then please just give us a quick call. If we cannot help you, we will generally know of somebody that can, and will follow up the call to ensure that you have been helped.

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