The Net by Aerial

Why get it?

It’s about speed

The highest speed modems have a maximum speed of 56kbps, while broadband internet is ten times quicker, running at blistering speeds above 500kbps.

Web pages load near instantly.

Share digital photographs easily with your friends and family

The telephone line is no longer engaged when you use the internet, so you can use the telephone while you are on the computer.

Telephone services like ‘Call Waiting’ will not disrupt your internet connection.

No waiting around for the modem to connect to the Internet, no endless redials at busy times.

No telephone call charges for using the internet.

Enjoy rich streaming media, like watching BBC broadcasts, distance learning, or to unwind, listen to a radio station in Seattle.


Ever fancied a degree in Applied Physics, but never quite got round to it? Well now, you can choose from thousands of distance courses worldwide, and enjoy lectures, tutorials and coursework using your high speed broadband connection.

Your children can access rich media to help their homework, without the worry of the cost of the telephone line, and without having to wait until after six o’clock to get online.


Staying online all day long allows you to process internet orders immediately, and shipped out of the door quicker to gain an advantage over your competitors. This allows you to lower costs and gives your customer a better service. The internet economy is the single largest growing force on world economics. If your company is not trading online, then your potential customers might just find one that is.

If you already have a website, then having broadband will allow you to keep it up to date that much easier. Giving your customers the latest news about your services or products keeps them informed, and keeps them coming back.

Check your suppliers online at any time, check what prices and services your competitors are offering at the click of a mouse. Perhaps use online printers to reduce your printing costs. Save costs by sending large documents electronically instead of by courier. Get quotes out to your clients at the click of a mouse. Perhaps you would like to set up a security camera, an office webcam or a production camera. Check your business bank account online before your statements arrive by post and improve you cash flow forecasts. Buy and sell commodities online in real time.

In short, broadband internet can save you time, save you money, and gain you more custom.